The Multiple (2014)

Full version:

The Multiple by Aretha Aoki
at A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery (Northampton, MA)
May 31, 2014

Performance by Aretha Aoki and Julia Gladstone
with movement based on improvisation by Julia Gladstone
Sound design and video by Ryan MacDonald
Created in collaboration with Ryan MacDonald

Starting with the assumption that the dancer is a medium for the unknown, The Multiple explores the ghostly presence of actual and imagined beings, and invites the murmurings of past, present and future into the space of performance. A solo edges into a duet, into what is seen and unseen, and into the estrangements and intimacies within and between people and place.

The Multiple photo by Glynnis Eldridge
Photo ©Glynnis Eldridge

The Multiple was supported in part by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council, Inc.


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