IzumonookunI (2024)

by Aretha Aoki and Ryan MacDonaldChoreographed and performed by Aretha AokiSound design and performance by Ryan MacDonaldText by Aretha Aoki … More

Wind in the Pines (2019)

Aretha Aoki and Ryan MacDonald Choreography by Aretha Aoki in collaboration with the performers, with early creative contributions by Deborah … More

ZERO (2015)

ZERO by Aretha Aoki at A.P.E. Gallery Ltd. (Northampton, MA) May 21-23, 2015 Performance by Aretha Aoki Animation and Sound … More

The Multiple (2014)

Full version: The Multiple by Aretha Aoki at A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery (Northampton, MA) May 31, 2014 Performance by Aretha Aoki … More

Finches (2011)

An improvisation to Ryan MacDonald’s short story, A Small Death (2011) at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Brooklyn, NY)

In the Woods (2010)

Below is an excerpt from In the Woods (2010) by Aretha Aoki at the Chen Dance Center (NY, NY) Performed … More